Book Five is Done!

You know, being an author is a really weird job. You don’t just write books—you have to become a marketer, a socialist… wait, that’s not right… a social media personality… that’s better. You’ve got to learn how to engage with fans, and so much more. It’s a lot of work. I say all that to apologize for being so bad at keeping this website updated. It’s one of many websites I operate, and quite honestly, it gets the least amount of attention.

If you really want to keep up to date with all my nonsense, the best way is to go hang out at the King’s Shield on Facebook.

However, here’s an update!

Book Five, WAR OF MEN is done! It’ll be available on eBook very soon, and Audio later this year (probably October.)

You’d think it’s break time… nope! Immediately diving into book six and we can’t wait to finish up this series and hear what everyone thinks.

You can’t read it yet, but how about a sneak peek at the artwork?

Book 5 Cover

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