Web of Eyes

A Buried Goddess Saga Novel (Book 1)

An ill king brings circling wolves…

Knight of the Glass Kingdom, Torsten Unger, faces banishment unless he can find the Queen’s treasonous brother and the fragmented piece of the Crown Prince’s soul he stole. When the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Greatest Thief,’ Whitney Fierstown, is imprisoned for a foolhardy attempt at stealing the King’s crown, Torsten provides an ultimatum: Join him on an expedition to save the realm, or rot in his dank cell.

With the kingdom at its most vulnerable, these two opposites, knight and rogue, serve as its last chance as they pursue their traitorous quarry to the cursed Webbed Woods. But if the pair is to withstand the mystery and horrors of the haunted wood, they must first put aside their differences.

A Sword & Sorcery Epic perfect for fans of Dragon Age and the Forgotten Realms.